JasGad 550

The JasGad 550 is a medium sized sUAS designed and built by Jason Gadrim and is used for flying in open areas. This unit is the sUAS that JasGad Creations uses in the production of most of the aerial videos we provide. This unit has a high resolution GoPro video camera and takes breathtaking videos sure to please your customers.

Bergen Observer

The Bergen Observer has been a well know sUAS in the aerial video business for years. JasGad Creations plans on having this sUAS finished and in the air in the near future pending test flights and FAA Registration. This is a 52" long gasoline powered heavy lifter designed to carry any type of video equipment to the sky.

H4 Hornet V2

The H4 Hornet V2 is a Quadcopter style sUAS designed and built by Jason Gadrim, owner of JasGad Creations along with the expertise of the manufacturing and engineering minds at Hocking Valley Laser located in Hocking County Ohio. This sUAS is designed for taking stable video in tight areas that the large units can't get into.

JasGad 800

The JasGad 800 was built and designed by Jason Gadrim to be a heavy lifter and JasGad Creations uses this unit to carry several cameras at once. It is currently used to carry the GoPro virtual reality camera system for a whole new type of video experience.